I dabbled in genealogy while I was still in high school, but I have been working on my genealogy in earnest (albeit in fits and starts) since around 1990, when my grandfather passed away and I inherited his research.  My approach to my research has evolved exponentially since those days (read: I actually appear to know what I’m doing now), and I am a recent graduate of ProGen 24 and the Advanced Methodology & Evidence Analysis Course at the Institute for Genealogical and Historical Research (IGHR) taught by Judy Russell.

I’ve recently become interested in the “fine” arts (I like to play with watercolor and other various art supplies).  Now I’m working on a way to integrate my art with my genealogy.

I completed my degree in Paralegal Studies in 2011 and work full-time in a small law firm in Chattanooga, Tennessee.  No, I have no plans to go to law school.

TLDR: Writer, Artist, Genealogist, Paralegal.

Published Works

  • Column: “Getting Started” in Going In-Depth digital magazine, focusing on hints, tips, and how-tos for new genealogists
  • “Working for a Living: Exploring Your Ancestors’ Occupation” Fall 2012 issue of Southern Roots & Shoots – Chattanooga Delta Genealogy Society
  • “Just How Valuable Are Census Records?” Winter 2012 issue of Southern Roots & Shoots – Chattanooga Delta Genealogy Society
  • “Genealogy and Social Media” Spring 2013 issue of Southern Roots & Shoots – Chattanooga Delta Genealogy Society
  • “Where to Find Land Records in Hamilton County” Fall 2014 issue of Southern Roots & Shoots – Chattanooga Delta Genealogy Society
  • “Exciting New Feature in FamilySearch Catalog” October 2014 issue of Florida Lines – Florida State Genealogical Society newsletter

Blog Contributor

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  1. I am also a great, great, great? grandchild of Anton Heerdink. My mother grew up in Evansville. Her father was George, He had 4 brothers. Norman, Nestor, Delbert. Elmer. I do believe that my mother has some old documents and such. I will be happy to help.


    Greg Allen

  2. I thought you might be interested in the following email I received as a registrant for J. Mark Lowe’s VIGR course:

    The Virtual Institute of Genealogical Research is evolving!

    Student responses to our first course have reinforced our plans concerning the need for an additional option for coursework and feedback. Beginning in 2015 we will offer instructors and students this option. Currently, our courses come only in one format: four 90-minute lecture sessions with Q&A, extensive syllabus material, and at least one practical exercise.

    Plus courses will consist of:

    ● the same four 90-minute lecture sessions and syllabus material offered to standard students; plus
    ● one additional one-hour Q&A/discussion session held on an evening mid-week: The instructor will decide whether to hold this session between lecture sessions or at the conclusion of the course. Discussion sessions will be recorded for the benefit of those who have paid for the Plus option, but will not be packaged with the other recordings available for later sale.
    ● instructor feedback on practical exercises by email: Only exercises from students who have paid for the Plus option will be collected and returned.
    ● a Certificate of Completion for the course.

    The Plus option for any course will cost $99.99, as compared to the $69.99 cost of standard courses.

    • Thanks for the heads-up on that, Jody! I’m glad to know that the organizers are listening to the participants! I don’t necessarily agree with the upcharge for something that was supposed to have been delivered from the beginning, but it’s a step in the right direction!

  3. Hi Jenny,

    I just subscribed to your post/blog.
    I started my own blog, so I am brand new. It is not very polished at this point.
    Love your research log, and census chart.
    Love the principal-Keep it Simple.

    The census chart you did would make a great template.
    Nice job-thanks for the resources.