Favorite Photo – Week 2


This is week #2 of Amy Johnson Crow’s “52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks” blog prompt series.

I may have used this photo in a blog post before, but I can’t help it.  As soon as I read this week’s prompt, this photo immediately popped into my head.  It is a photo of my paternal grandparents, Ed Lanctot and Maxine Slowey, when they were dancing at a picnic with some of Grampa’s friends from the service.  I just love how happy and  in love they look in this photo!

I think this photo was taken after they were married, and may have been when they passed through Yankton on their way to Ft. Snelling in Minnesota from Ft. Sill in Oklahoma around 1945.  Grampa was discharged from the service shortly after arriving at Ft. Snelling.  He served three years in the Southwest Pacific (northern Australia, New Guinea, and the Philippines).

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