ed-lanctot-as-a-childI don’t have many memories of my grandfather, as we moved across the country when I was only 5 years old, so I mostly remember my grandfather as an adult, and – I’ll regret it for the rest of my life – I didn’t see him as often as I should have. In the few memories I do have, I remember him being one of the kindest, loving, no-nonsense people I’ve ever known.  He loved to play baseball.He was a master carpenter, and (fortunately) I have a couple of pieces that he made: a knick-knack shelf and a side table.  These were made before I was even born (and that was a while ago), so there’s some quality craftsmanship for you.

In my quest to “Do-Over” my genealogy research, I’m putting together timelines to help me see what I have and (more importantly) what I’m missing.  Here’s what I’ve got so far:

30 Jul 1921Edward John Lanctot is born in Casper, Natrona, WyomingBirth certificate
1925Lived in Yankton, Yankton, South Dakota1925 SD state Census
1930Lived at 500 E. 8th Street, Yankton, South Dakota1930 U.S. Census
abt 1934Attended Sacred Heart Catholic School in Yankton, South DakotaOral interview with Maxine (Slowey) Lanctot
1935Lived in Yankton, South Dakota1935 SD state census
1940Lived at 705 Pine Street, Yankton, South Dakota1940 U.S. Census
1940Enlisted in the South Dakota National Guard, 147th Field Artillery, Battery E and are mobilized to Fort Ord for trainingNewspaper clippings from scrapbooks
29 Jan 1941U.S. Army Motor Vehicle Operator's Permit No. 2074813 issued to PFC E.J. LanctotCopy of original permit
Jul 1944Resides at Ft. McDowell, Camp Reynolds, Angel Island, San Francisco, CaliforniaOral interview with Maxine (Slowey) Lanctot
14 Aug 1944Edward John Lanctot and Clare Maxine Slowey are married at Sacred Heart Church in Yankton, South DakotaMarriage certificate; marriage notice
Sep 1944Lived in Little Rock, ArkansasOral interview with Maxine (Slowey) Lanctot
Mar 1945Granted emergency furlough from Camp Blanding, Florida due to death of Maxine's little brother Newspaper clipping
1950Re-enlisted with the South Dakota National Guard to serve in the Korean War*
1953-2011Purchased house in Portland, OregonOral interview with Maxine (Slowey) Lanctot
1973-1976Industrial Education teacher at Benjamin Franklin High School, Portland, OregonBenjamin Franklin H.S. Yearbook
8 Jul 2011Edward John Lanctot dies in Portland, OregonObituary; personal knowledge
13 Jul 2011Burial in Willamette National Cemetery in Portland, OregonPersonal knowledge

ed-lanctot-at-workThere are a lot of gaps in my timeline (obviously).  These are blanks I’ll need to fill in my talking to family and finding documentation.  I know that after he was discharged from the National Guard following World War II in 1945, he re-enlisted with the National Guard in 1950 to participate in the Korean War.  I have attempted to get a copy of his service record from the National portland-2011-022-800x711Personnel Records Center (NPRC), but was told that it had been destroyed by the fire in 1973, making it one of the “B” files.  Fortunately, NARA is working on cleaning and preserving the damaged records, and I can only hope that one day soon my request can finally be fulfilled.
In the meantime, I will continue to add things to my master to-do list, including following up with NARA for those records.


Genealogy Snapshot

Name: Edward John Lanctot
Parents: Louis Phelisa Lanctot and Mary Alice Schneider
Spouse: Maxine Slowey
Surnames: Lanctot, Schneider
Relationship to Jenny: Maternal Grandfather

  1. Edward John Lanctot
  2. Jenny’s dad
  3. Jenny


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Ancestor Spotlight: Edward John Lanctot (1921-2011) — 2 Comments

  1. Hi Jenny,
    Do you have a copy of “South Dakota in World War II”? The Lanctot boys, Bud Slowey, Australia, Noemfoor Island and “Salomie” their Japanese p.o.w. pet pig. Good stuff!
    Bud Slowey and his mom,”Grandma” Slowey were dear friends and our next door neighbors. Bud worked for our family printing company for decades and was my Uncle Harold Modereger’s best friend.
    In the official 147th F. A. Battery “E” Regiment Roster, my father, Donald Modereger and my uncle are photographed on either side of your grandfather.

    • I don’t have a copy … but I’m going to look for one now! I remember my grandmother (Bud Slowey’s sister) talking about the Moderegers when we were looking through her scrapbooks. You’re practically family 🙂

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