Ancestor Spotlight: Edward John Lanctot (1921-2011) — 4 Comments

  1. Hi Jenny,
    Do you have a copy of “South Dakota in World War II”? The Lanctot boys, Bud Slowey, Australia, Noemfoor Island and “Salomie” their Japanese p.o.w. pet pig. Good stuff!
    Bud Slowey and his mom,”Grandma” Slowey were dear friends and our next door neighbors. Bud worked for our family printing company for decades and was my Uncle Harold Modereger’s best friend.
    In the official 147th F. A. Battery “E” Regiment Roster, my father, Donald Modereger and my uncle are photographed on either side of your grandfather.

    • I don’t have a copy … but I’m going to look for one now! I remember my grandmother (Bud Slowey’s sister) talking about the Moderegers when we were looking through her scrapbooks. You’re practically family 🙂

  2. Do you have any photos of him during training, war or in uniform? The 147th Field Artillery turns 100 years old this year and we are looking for information and photos of members of the 147th.

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