You may (or may not) have noticed in my last Ancestor Spotlight post that I had a nifty little box at the bottom that gave a “snapshot” of my ancestor’s life, along with their relationship to me and a roadmap from me to them.


Thanks to a series of posts from Colleen Green, I was able to create that box so I can just stick it at the bottom of any post I want. It basically serves as a TLDR (too long, didn’t read) for cousin bait.  I’m okay with that, because if someone IS related to me I want them to figure it out right away, go back and read the entire blog post, and then leave me a comment about the trunks full of documents and ephemera in their attic that they are totally willing to share.

If they aren’t related to me, I certainly don’t want them to waste their time.  It’s a win-win.

Colleen Green’s posts:

WordPress for Genealogy: Adding a Lineage Snapshot Box to Blog Posts About Ancestors, Part 1
WordPress for Genealogy: Adding a Lineage Snapshot Box to Blog Posts About Ancestors, Part 2
WordPress for Genealogy: Adding a Lineage Snapshot Box to Blog Posts About Ancestors, Part 3

One difference between mine and Colleen’s is that I have to paste it directly into the HTML editor for each blog post where I want it to appear.  Colleen uses a WordPress plugin that is no longer available, and I’m not sure (yet) how to get it basically automated to the point where she is (so, Colleen, if you happen to see this …).  Well, that and I have no idea what I’m doing when it comes to HTML or CSS or any of that behind-the-scenes website-y stuff.  I am still able to put my ancestor info in there and create links and everything, and it looks pretty, so …

Another difference is that I don’t create “categories” for each of my ancestors for the links.  I do a search on my blog for that ancestor and then I use the URL for the search results as the link.  Occasionally I will just link directly to my WikiTree profile an ancestor instead.  Sometimes I may do both.

In any case, I thought this was a pretty cool idea to include at the end of blog posts that are about your ancestors, especially if you’re chumming the water for cousins.

Genealogy Snapshot

Name: [Insert Ancestor Name & Link]
Parents: [Insert Father Name & Link] and [Insert Mother Name & Link]
Spouse: [Insert Spouse Name & Link]
Surnames: [Insert Surname & Link], [Insert Surname & Link], [Insert Surname & Link]
Relationship to Jenny: [Insert Relationship to You]

  1. [Same person from Name field]
  2. [Insert Ancestor Name & Link]
  3. [Insert Ancestor Name & Link]
  4. Jenny
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The Ancestor Snapshot Box – what a fantastic idea! — 4 Comments

  1. Oooh, thanks for posting this! I’d found Colleen Greene a few years ago, then ‘lost’ her because I hadn’t subscribed to her blog. I have now. I, too, really liked her relative ‘box.’ I hope to be able to replicate it. THANKS so much!

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