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Apparently, cornhusking was big news in South Dakota in October 1941.  I almost wonder if West Side Story had been set in South Dakota, would the “rumble” involve competitive cornhusking?  “When you’re a Jet, you’re a Jet all the way, from your first ear of corn to your last dying day …”  Just doesn’t have the same ring.

This issue has TWO articles related to cornhusking.  I’ve identified them individually below:

Yankton Press & Dakotan
Monday, October 20, 1941 (evening); p. 5, col. 4

corn-husking-contest-may-be-battle-of-mayors-p5-col-4HUSKING CONTEST MAY BE BATTLE OF MAYORS

ELKTON, Oct. 20 (AP) — It begins to look like the state cornhusking contest at Rosholt Wednesday is going to be a battle of mayors.

After the mayor of Wahpeton, N. D., challenged any South Dakota mayor to a special husking exhibition during the state event, Dr. F. M. Philips, Dell Rapids, accepted the challenge and became South Dakota’s representative.

Now, Mayor M. A. McCoy of Elkton has signified his intentions of joining the affair.  He is manager of a public utility company here.

Yankton Press & Dakotan
Monday, October 20, 1941 (evening); p. 2, col. 2

cornhusking-contest-p2-col-2Wakonda Monitor:  Fifteen women entered in the cornhusking contest for women at Harford, S. D., last week demonstrated that they can do a first class job in the corn field as well as the kitchen.  The winner, Mrs. Floyd Kelly of Hartford, with a gross load of 479 lbs. in 30 minutes and a net load of 419 pounds or six bushels, was making a gross average of about 114 bushels for an eight hour day.  A crowd of 1600 people watched the contest.  A ladies’ aid in Hartford sponsored the contest.


I purchased roughly 25 original issues of the Yankton (South Dakota) Press & Dakotan, dating from 1938 to 1946. I am systematically going through every issue and will be posting the articles that include the names of individuals. I am happy to email full-size scans of any article. Feel free to ask.

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