Some of my earliest memories of my grandmother, Mary Lucile Crowe, include food.  Specifically cinnamon toast, and macaroni and cheese on no-meat Fridays.  I also remember her beautiful quilts and spending summers in her swimming pool in Orlando.

In my quest to “Do-Over” my genealogy research, I’m putting together a timeline of my grandmother’s life.  I plan to use this as part to-do list and part reference (and, of course, cousin bait!).  Here’s what I’ve put together so far:

6 Nov 1925Mary Lucile Crowe is born at 1337 Tabor Street in Indianapolis, Marion, Indiana to Harold J. and Lucile CroweBirth certificate; census records
22 Apr 1930Family lives at 1637 Raymond in Indianapolis, Indiana1930 U.S. census
1933Family lives at 2435 S. State Street in IndianapolisMary Lou's school records
9 Jun 1939Mary Lou attended primary school at St. Catherine School in Indianapolis.Mary Lou's school records
Jan 1940Mary Lou attends junior high at Emmerich Manual Training High School in IndianapolisMary Lou's school records
21 Apr 1940Family lives at 2133 Madison Avenue in IndianapolisMary Lou's school records; 1940 U.S. census
Jan 1941-Jun 1943Mary Lou attends senior high school at Emmerich Manual Training High School in IndianapolisMary Lou's school records
Jan 1942Family lives at 839 Weghorst Street in IndianapolisMary Lou's school records; recorded memory of sibling
Jun 1942Family lives at 520 Bacon Street in IndianapolisMary Lou's school records
Jan 1943Family lives at 1249 Morgan Drive in IndianapolisMary Lou's school records
4 Jun 1943Mary Lou receives award for 4 years of perfect attendance in high schoolMary Lou's school records
20 Jan 1945Mary Lou is married to John Joseph Gallagher at St. Catherine Catholic Church in IndianapolisOriginal wedding missal completed by bride and priest; marriage certificate; marriage application
1945Mary Lou and John live at 651 Virgil Avenue in Ridgefield, Bergen, New Jersey*
19 Jun 1947Birth of first daughter in Teaneck, Bergen, New Jersey*
20 Feb 1949Birth of twin daughters in Teaneck, New JerseyBirth certificate
18 Apr 1950Birth of fourth daughter in Teaneck, New Jersey*
11 Jan 1954Birth of first son in Hackensack, Bergen, New JerseyCongratulatory telegram from family friends
1 Jan 1958Birth of second son in Hackensack, New Jersey*
15 Oct 1955Mary Lou appointed Historian of American Legion Auxiliary Roemer-Bollerman Post 221 in Ridgefield, Bergen, New JerseyMeeting program; newspaper article
29 Sep 1956Mary Lou appointed Treasurer of American Legion Auxiliary Roemer-Bollerman Post 221 in RidgefieldMeeting program
1962Family moves to Naples, Florida and buys a motel; can't really make a go of it*
1963Family moves to Miami; John works for Pinkerton*
Notice the huge gap in the timeline here
19 Feb 1990John Joseph Gallagher dies in Altamonte Springs, Seminole, FloridaDeath certificate
1969-1970Mary Lou and John move to Kennesaw, Georgia*
1999Mary Lou traveled to IrelandMary Lou's passport
2005Mary Lou marries Don Diehl in Florida*
20 Apr 2013Mary Lou dies in Tampa, Hillsborogh, FloridaDeath certificate


The * in the source indicates that I need to locate a source for the information (most of these events relate to people I haven’t gotten to yet in my Do-Over), and I have placed them on my master to-do list.

Obviously, I also need to fill in the giant gap before 1990.  I know this was a time when the family was living in Miami and my grandfather was working as a guard for Pinkerton, then for a life insurance company, and eventually for the Inspector General of the USDA investigating food stamp fraud.  Unfortunately, with the exception of the residence information, most of this doesn’t go in my grandmother’s timeline.  She didn’t work outside the home, but I know she volunteered at her church and I think she was a member of some civic and community organizations.  I’ll put that investigation on my master to-do list as well.


Genealogy Snapshot

Name: Mary Lucille Crowe
Parents: Harold J. Crowe, Sr. and Lucile Francis Stiker
Spouse: John Joseph Gallagher
Surnames: Crowe, StikerGallagher
Relationship to Jenny: Maternal Grandmother

  1. Mary Lucille Crowe
  2. Jenny’s mom
  3. Jenny
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