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Yankton Press & Dakotan
October 20, 1941 (Evening); p 4, col 3

I don’t usually post the classifieds, but I realized that there are a lot of addresses, and even some names listed … names and addresses that someone might be searching.  So I thought it would be a good idea to make them searchable.  I won’t transcribe the ads verbatim, but I will list out all the addresses and include any corresponding names.  I assume all addresses are in Yankton, South Dakota, unless otherwise noted.

Classifieds p4 col 3 part 1


Addresses only:

100 Broadway
408 Cedar
417 Linn
521 Maple
410 Burleigh
509 Capitol
201 Locust
802 Cedar
704 Walnut
207 Broadway

Names only:

R. A. Wheeler
Ed Pillar, Scotland, S.D.
Charles Jensen, Irene
J. Frick
Harold Nelson, Centerville, So. Dak.
Peter J. Stark, Utica
A. Kolda, Utica
Morris DeJong, Springfield, S. D.
James M. Schuch, Tabor, So. Dak.
Mrs. William Gallagher
N. H. Nielsen, Mission Hill
Dr. E. M. Morehouse

Names and Addresses:

R. H. Allen, 1909 Locust; 110-1/2 W. Third
Jack Steinbach, Rt. 1, Yankton
Rev. J. Thiessen, Rt. 1, Yankton
Don Cadwell, 117-1/2 W. Third
Louis Schiferl, 2-north; 1-west, Mission Hill  (I’m actually not sure this is an address, but it might help someone)
L. J. Larson Electrical Service, 220 Capitol
J. F. Malloy, M.D., 101-1/2 W. Third
Dr. H. F. Eby, 122-1/2 W. Third St.

Classifieds p4 col 3 part 2


I purchased roughly 25 original issues of the Yankton (South Dakota) Press & Dakotan, dating from 1938 to 1946. I am systematically going through every issue and will be posting the articles that include the names of individuals. I am happy to email full-size scans of any article. Feel free to ask.


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