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Cards of those signing up for membership in the Chamber of Commerce have come in at a lively rate the past day or two, but President Lyle C. Rogers said today there are quite a number of teams which have not yet completed their rounds, or turned in their cards, and he urged that those holding signed cards turn them in to the Chamber as soon as possible.

Early next week it is planned to publish the list of memberships arranged according to business or profession.  By the time the new secretary, James H. Allen, of Lexington, Nebr., arrives the latter part of this month to take up his duties it is hoped to have the canvass virtually completed and the whole community lined up behind him.

President Rogers said today that an important meeting of the Chamber’s board of directors, the rating committee, and of all team solicitors, would be held next Tuesday evening at 7:30 o’clock in the Chamber room at the city hall, and he urged that all of these arrange to be present.

The list as turned in up to this morning includes:

Farmers Elevator
Fantle Brothers
J. C. Penney Company
E. R. Heaton, Insurance, Real estate
Hotel Yankton
Hotel Collins
Keating Creamery Company
Yankton Produce Company
Burgi Lumber Company
Leslie Elsbree, Flour and Feed
Wm. Vollmer Barber Shop
Red’s Barber Shop
Johnson Bakery
Broadway Market
C. G. Steinbach, S. D. Employment Office
Dennis Jewelry
Dr. J. M. Hohn, Dentist
Yankton Clearing House Assn.
Chester Stewart, Abstractor
Meridian Highway Bridge Co.
Stuelpnagel Produce Co.
N.W. Bell Telephone Co.
Scotty M. Patterson, Plumbing
Hughes-Sargent Press
J. Vinatieri Co., Plumbing
Western School Supply (C. E. Gold)
Boller Printing Co.
N. W. Public Service Co.
Banks & Peterson, Grocery
Press & Dakotan
Yankton Gas Co.
Standard Oil Co.
VanDerhule Transfer & Furniture Co.
F. J. Taylor, stock buyer
John Frick, Jr., stock buyer
Dr. V. I. Lacey, physician
Dr. F. J. Abts, physician
Dr. E. M. Morehouse, physician
Arnold Burke Funeral Home
Harry H. Hobbs, accountant
Yankton College
John F. Walsh Auto Co.
Pfeiffer-Tague Chevrolet Co.
Tague-Anderson Motor Co.
Chytka Bros. Motor Co.
Lewis Tire Service
Gordon Tire Service
Valentine’s Grocery
W. H. Baggs Implement Co.
C. L. Peterson Implement Co.
Globe Clothiers
Nielsen & Cook (Toggery)
Kabeiseman’s Furniture & Hardware
Harris-Greenlee Furniture
Butts Grocery
Ben’s Food Market
Standard Market
Sally’s Market
Greyhound Barber Shop
Yankton Public Opinion
Wright’s Laundry
Yankton Laundry
F & L Cafe
Balfany Lunch
College Cafe
20th Century Bowling Club
Harold A. Doyle, attorney
Harry A. Robinson, attorney
Dr. G. G. Bicknell, dentist
Frantle’s Beauty Nook
Chris-Ann Beauty Shoppe
Elite Beauty Shoppe
H. A. Shoemaker Bus Depot
C. M. St. Paul & Pacific Railway
Benedictine Sisters
Binder Brothers
Farmers Union Exchange
Yankton Auto Salvage
Mint Bar
Walnut Tavern
The Nugget Bar
City Club Beer
Majestic Gardens
Hogan’s Brownbilt Shoe Store
Gust Economy, shoe repair
Paul Tielke, billiards
Hall Shoe Shop
Yankton Shoe Shop
Gurney Greenhouses
Janousek Studio
Gurney’s WNAX Photo Studio
Wallbaum Drug Co.
Kabeiseman and Donohoe Funeral Home
J. A. Roney Funeral Home
Dr. Glen Ardery, dentist
Floyd Lowry, dental laboratory
Dr. H. A. Fitzgerald, dentist
Dr. W. F. Lucas, dentist
Louie’s Auto Co.
L & L Motor Supply Co.
Drier Creamery Co.
Dakota Community Oil Co.
Wudell Oil Company
Ehrum Vinatieri, Plumbing
Gamble Stores
Yankton Buick Company
Thomas A. Thompson, Insurance
M. P. Ohlman, Insurance
Don Cadwell & Home Credit Co.
R. E. Walpole, Insurance
John E. Walsh, Attorney
W. W. French, Attorney
J. Leonard Feldman, Attorney
Harry Kunkle & George Kunkle, Attorneys
Goetz Hardware Company
Riley-Arneson Company
Judge Virgil Boyles
WNAX Radio Station
K & B Electric Company
L. J. Larson Electric Service
Fred Brackenbury Radio Service
Kroll-Freeman Corporation
Dakota Radio Company
Vallet Cleaners
Booth Cleaners
Pat’s Barber Shop


I purchased roughly 25 original issues of the Yankton (South Dakota) Press & Dakotan, dating from 1938 to 1946. I am systematically going through every issue and will be posting the articles that include the names of individuals. I am happy to email full-size scans of any article. Feel free to ask.

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