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Yankton Press & Dakotan
October 18, 1941 (Evening); p. 6, col. 3-4

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Elmer Christensen, employed at Pierre, is spending the weekend here with his wife and daughter at the Julian Aaseth Home.

Mr. and Mrs. Harold Burke and daughter Deborah of Dumont, Ia., arrived last evening for Pioneer homecoming weekend.

Miss Ethel Flint, last year’s graduate from Yankton College, is spending the homecoming weekend here with Miss Janice Junker.  Miss Flint teaches at Hurley.

Mrs. J. C. Fejfar, Mrs. Anton Walla and Mrs. Ambrose Scherer of Yankton and Mrs. Leo Sailer of Sioux City, spent yesterday visiting Mr. and Mrs. Willard Fejfar at Dell Rapids.  Mrs. L. E. Sailer, sister of Mrs. Walla and Mr. Fejfar returned to the city this morning.

It was announced this morning that Clayton Christopherson has been awarded the contract for installing a new front at the Nelson and Anderson Grocery Co., store at 202 West Third street.  Work is expected to be started on this front on Monday.

Mr. and Mrs. H. D. Knudsen left today on a vacation trip taking them to Reno, Nevada, where they will visit a son, Maurice and family, and probably to Sacramento, Calif., where Mr. Knudsen has two sisters.  They expect to be gone about 10 days.

Dr. Doane Robinson of Pierre, formerly state historian for many years and noted for his historical and other works, arrived in the city yesterday to visit at the home of his son, Harry A. Robinson, over Pioneer Day, and to celebrate his eighty-fifth birthday at the Robinson home tomorrow.

Funeral services were conducted at Viborg Wednesday for Nels Larson, 77, who passed away a week ago today at Sacred Heart hospital.  His wife was admitted to the hospital the day he died and is still a patient there.  They are the parents of Mrs. Harold Smith living just outside Yankton.

Rev. Clay E. Palmer, Congregational pastor, has announced his next two sermons on consecutive Sunday mornings will be, “The Last 25 Years” and “The Next 25 Years.”  These sermons will reflect the thinking of 600 of the world’s leaders who have written on the moral outlook of mankind.

Mrs. W. H. Monroe, of Watertown, is a house guest of Mrs. Adeia Jones and daughter, Mrs. M. W. Pfeiffer, at 517 Capitol street.  Mrs. Monroe was for many years a resident of Yankton and has been for years prominent in church, social and cultural club activities here and in the state at large.

Relatives here received word today of the death of John Rogers, brother of the late Thomas Rogers of Yankton.  John Rogers lived in Yankton as a boy and has several nieces and nephews in this vicinity.  His death occurred at Chamberlain last night following an operation.  He leaves a widow and three children.

Dr. John F. Adams and wife are weekend guests in the home of Dr. and Mrs. G. S. Adams here enroute to their home in Aberdeen after attending the international medical assembly in Minneapolis this week.  The [sic] also are accompanied by a sister of the doctors, Mrs. Robert F. Reynolds who is returning to her home in Watertown after a week’s visit in Robbinsdale, Minn.

Robert Karr left this morning by train from Sioux City for Washington, D. C., to accept a temporary assignment as postal inspector, which he received following a civil service examination taken last August.  Karr expects to be in Washington for a training period of about three weeks, after which he will probably be sent elsewhere for duty.  Mrs. Karr is remaining in Yankton for the present.

Ernest J. Thomas, secretary to U. S. Senator Wm. J. Bulow, arrived home from Washington last night by car, leaving the senator and Mrs. Bulow at their home in Beresford.  He reports that the senator is feeling and looking good again after his recent operation, and that he stood the trip from Washington very well.  They plan to be in the state for several weeks, the senator planning to arrange for hearings on his Dakota Valley Authority bill now before congress.


I purchased roughly 25 original issues of the Yankton (South Dakota) Press & Dakotan, dating from 1938 to 1946. I am systematically going through every issue and will be posting the articles that include the names of individuals. I am happy to email full-size scans of any article. Feel free to ask.


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