Genealogy Do-Over Cycle 2: Week 1 — 2 Comments

  1. I’m another one continuing along in the Do-Over, occasionally poking into the Fbk page to see how others are doing. I’m so much clearer on the things that trip me up in my process. I absolutely love some parts of what I’m doing now, including taking time to truly evaluate the information which I put under my eagle-eye microscope (& type into an excel sheet). Found two more clues in one document I’d overlooked. Slower and more analytically – it’s definitely working.
    Congratulations to you, Jenny, for being so public with your continuing work on your tree. I remember being totally shocked when a well-known genealogist confessed there were “messes” in their family tree… no sources, duplicates, possibly wrong people. 🙂

    • Kudos to you too, Celia, for continuing along with the torture … er, Do-Over! While it has taken some work to get past the urge to go jumping down rabbit holes when a clue presents itself, I find that I rather enjoy getting to “know” my ancestors during this process. Aside from being a lesson in proper research skills, it has also been a HUGE lesson in patience (which I sorely needed).

      (And honestly, I’m not sure I would believe ANY genealogist – well-known or not, certified or not – if they said they had NO mistakes in their tree). Keep it up, Celia!

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