I promise, this is the last entry for the Board of Commissioners for this issue of the newspaper.  The names in bold are those of my relatives – now I know I need to go see what Senate Bill 22 was all about and check on some tax records!

Yankton Press & Dakotan
18 Oct 1941 (Evening): p. 3, col. 4


Board of County Commissioners Sept meeting p3 c4 part 8PROCEEDINGS

1:00 P. M., October 7, 1941.

The Board of Commissioners met pursuant to recess taken with all members present.

It was moved by Feyerharm, seconded by Anderson that the following applications for adjustment and payment of delinquent personal property taxes as per Senate Bill No. 22 be approved and settled in their various amounts:

C. W. Acton, $32.92; H.W. Apted, $293.08; Geo. Bauman, $35.01; Martin C. Bratberg, $69.54; Martin Boe, $26.02; Merle J. Burns, $22.93; Earl Broderson, $25.39; L. H. Currier, $18.16; Frances Christenson, $66.07; Wm. & Fanny Condron, $10.54; C. E. Christensen, $76.66; W. S. Donohoe, $76.53; Chas. F. Donahue, $66.48; Ed Dinneen, $74.83; Chas. Doyle, $117.60; L. E. Duncan, $28.73; R. L. Eakin, $37.47; Olin S. Engen, $27.24; Oscar L. Engen, $82.19; Henry Dieseler, $60.34; Howard Frick, $30.35; Harry Furrow, $85.40; Carroll Fairley, $74.64; G. E. Ferguson, $123.22; Emmett Gordan, $70.11; Fraizer Galloway, $35.49; Fred Gravholt, $52.32; Ed Gravholt, $39.80; H. F. Garber, $73.27; Isabel German, $8.17; Mrs. Dora Gravholt, Agent for Jens Gravholt, $126.97; Casper Gran, $32.48; Reinhold Guthmiller, $54.40; William Hansen, $63.24; Elmer Haffner, $115.79; Carl & Olin Hagen, $30.75; Herman Husby, $40.38; Edwin Haugen, $71.26; Oscar Helgerson, $87.75; Heitgen Pharmacy, $707.16; Marion Halverson, $35.49; John W. Holdren, $29.49; Earl Havenar, $26.69; Clara Hoxeng, $37.88; Wayne Hunt, $109.36; Ole Iverson, $49.78; Tore Johnson, $63.63; Hjalmer Jonason, $63.69; Tim Johnson, $50.23; Magnus Kroeger, $28.98; Francis Kremer, $15.07; J. W. Kuhl, $73.41; J. J. Kremer, $36.31; Frank Kozak, $47.85; August Kotalik, $23.53; Olivia Kremer, $5.02; Alice Lanctot, $16.58; Patrick M. Lane, Agent for Patrick Lane, Sr., deceased, $8.44; Ralph Learing, $41.16; Lawrence Larson, $16.06; Forrest Luke, $12.32; George Long, $30.84; Johie O. Lee, $101.03; Francis McDonald, $37.83; Joseph Marbach, $27.41; William Merrigan, Sr., $66.39; Goldie Moore, $28.83; Clair Murray, $44.00; Emil Novak, $28.62; Harold & Laverne Nelson, $38.90; Louis O’Shea, $22.09; Loyal E. Olson, $44.16; Ione Parker, $11.16; Martha Parker, $30.22; Marit Pederson, $36.39; Clyde H. Prouty, $21.96; Frank Pokorney, Jr., $35.45; Chas. Wesley Parkinson, $49.85; Adolph Peterson, $72.39; Joe Pokorney, $13.10; Herman Pederson, $116.62; Raymond Petrik, $20.48; Roy W. Petersen, $32.56; Raymond Rossman, $161.53; Lester Ryken, $55.64; Rasmus Rasmussen, $27.40; Wm. R. Schaefer, $9.52; Melvin W. Stanicek, $13.75; Emanuel Stuen, $136.85; Fred Schaeffer, $26.93; Frank Stanicek, $31.84; Mary A. Schneider, $9.84; James Sylliaasen, $135.36; Martin Schulte, $85.30; Joe Sewenig, 53.76; Clement Slowey, $69.45; Harold Urban, $61.71; John H. Vavra, $23.94; Frank W. Vavra, $128.82; Edward Voll, $38.60; Walter E. VanDercreek, $43.89; Frank E. and Cora L. VanOsdel, $140.52; Dave Waldner, $79.18; John D. Welsh, $42.58; LeRoy Withee, $43.71; Leo B. Wood, $106.63; Robert Bowyer, Jr., $167.18; L. E. Couron, $24.43; also application for adjustment of real estate taxes filed by Josephine and Anna Hoxeng.

Roll Call: All Commissioners voting ‘aye,’ motion carried.

It was moved by Smith, seconded by Anderson that the application filed by S. C. Dahlerup for a Permanent School Fund loan in the amount of $2320.00 on the following described real estate, be approved:

West one-half of the Southeast Quarter and east 25 acres of the East one-half of the Southwest Quarter except one acre for School in Section 34, Township 95, Range 55.  Total 103 Acres.  (W 1/2, SE 1/4 & E. 25 A. of E 1/2 SW 1/4 Except 1 A. for School, Sec. 34, Twp. 95, Range 55).

Roll Call: All Commissioners voting ‘aye,’ motion carried.

It was moved by Feyerharm, seconded by Anderson that the Auditor’s account with the County Treasurer as of September 30th be accepted as follows:

Total amount of deposits in banks …………………………$208923.46
Total amount of actual cash ………………………………….$     3658.34
Total amount of checks and drafts in treasurer’s
possession not exceeding three days ……………………$     1681.86
Itemized list of all cash items, checks and drafts
which have been in the treasurer’s possession
over three days ………………………………………………….$       118.41
Total …………………………………………………………………..$214382.07

Roll Call: All Commissioners voting ‘aye,’ motion carried.

It was moved by Feyerharm, seconded by Anderson that the Board adjourn to meet at 1:30 P. M., October 21, 1941.

Roll Call: All Commissioners voting ‘aye,’ motion carried.

OLE G. OLSON, Chairman
Board of County Commissioners

L. A. BROWN, Auditor.


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