Prayer Card: Mary Donoghue — 2 Comments

  1. Thanks for sharing. This is cool! Maybe you will find someone it belongs to some day. I had an ancestor who lived in Indianapolis. For some reason, after his wife died in Oklahoma, he moved to Indianapolis, I guess to be with his son Dillard Fox. He then died there a few years later in 1922. Unfortunately I can’t find any newspaper accounts of his death, but I do have his death certificate. His name was John A Fox and he lived at 1451 S. Sheffield. I don’t think the house is there anymore. We drove past the empty lot a couple of years ago when we went to FGS in Springfield, IL.

    • I wasn’t able to find a newspaper notice for Mrs. Donoghue either, Ginger; so I honestly am only speculating that this is the same Mary Donoghue. I do hope someone comes to claim her though 🙂

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