Genealogy Do-Over: Week 2 Progress — 7 Comments

    • I know the feeling, Lynda. I’m pretty sure I’m going to continue finding random papers (not just for me, but for everyone) here and there as I go through my on-hand materials (including those pesky boxes in my closet that I’m trying VERY hard to ignore right now).

  1. Thanks for reminding me that I have to buy a digital recorder, something I wanted to do for ages but never did. I do it tomorrow now! Like you I love the GDO, very intensive re-research, isn’t it?

    • It is pretty intense so far, Karen … even though I’m not doing any actual research yet! I’m still trying to get all the documentation for myself and my parents entered! I can’t deny that this do-over exercise has renewed my passion for genealogy research though – and hopefully by the time it’s all over, I’ll actually BE the researcher I’ve been trying to be for so long 🙂

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