Tuesday’s Tip: Facebook Group Etiquette — 23 Comments

  1. Thank you for this! I thought I was Facebook-savvy, and had notifications turned off, but was swamped by wading through group postings. I just unfollowed the majority and will stick to checking the groups’ sidebar.

  2. Good article, Jenny. I had my notifications turned off but haven’t unfollowed which I’ll do because I get a reasonable amount of traffic on my own FB page and that’s enough to cope with. But I’m enjoying the frenzy of activity over on the other page. Learning a lot about genealogy and people 🙂

    • Thanks, Wendy! I agree. I don’t mind the frenzy of activity in any group or page… because it really IS very informative (for the most part) … I just don’t like it cluttering up my news feed. I want to enter the chaos on my terms, so I turn everything off so it’s only in my life when I click on it.

  3. Great post! Can I make one more suggestion? If you are commenting on someone’s post/query, direct your comment to that query, or close to that subject. Sometimes I see comments that go on and on and it’s a conversation between two or three group members who ultimately aren’t discussing anything to do with the original query. And if I’ve made a comment, I then get all these additional comments coming back to me that have nothing to do with what I was interested in commenting on. It makes me less likely to comment on a post.

    • I agree, Elizabeth. For me, that sort of thing is very annoying – and that’s usually when I turn off notifications for that thread (if I had commented earlier) and ignore it. 9 times out of 10, the tangential comments are usually a re-hash of something that has already been discussed ad nauseum in another thread.

    • You’re welcome, Carol! That little search box likes to hide up in the corner, and most people don’t see it – which I think is part of the problem. If Facebook would make it a little more obvious, I think a lot of these problems would resolve themselves.

    • Thanks, Diane! There really should be some sort of pop-up when you join a group that has the rules (basically the pinned post or the “about” info), just so no one can say they didn’t see it.

  4. Elizabeth H comments on how a query gets hijacked and ends up going off on a tangent. On one of the pages I frequent this was somewhat fixed by the original poster monitoring her own query and when she/he felt it had been resolved then they post (in capital letters) PROBLEM SOLVED or QUERY ANSWERED, something similar and ended the discussion.

  5. Good post!

    I would add the following as sole admin of Tracing the Tribe – Jewish Genealogy on Facebook, with more than 6,700 very active members:

    1. Read the pinned post – if there is one (and all groups should have one!) – for guidelines as to what is acceptable. Inappropriate posts should be deleted, along with the poster. In large groups, like TTT, it is essential to keep the group running smoothly.

    2. On many devices, the “search this group” box does NOT show up. It usually does on laptops and desktops, but not always on smartphones and smaller devices.

    3, Please Please DO NOT USE ALL CAPS when posting or commenting. 🙂

    • Great tips all, Schelly! (Especially the ALL CAPS one … pet peeve).

      You are correct about the search feature missing on iOS devices, but when you go into a group in the Facebook App for Android, the search feature is there, but you have to look for it. There’s a little arrow (like >) that you have to press to make it appear, but it’s there. Unfortunately, iDevices are lacking this (in my opinion) critical feature.

  6. Thank you Jenny. These are great tips that I have tried to pass on to some of my not somFacebook savvy friends. Another of my pet hates are the dots, not a comment, just a dot, when someone wants to follow a post. If only they would investigate the down arrow and choose to follow that particular post and then turn if off if it gets too much.
    I also turn off my emails in the settings. I do not like getting all those emails in my inbox.
    I love all the information that is being shared in the groups, but reading them within the group and not in my news feed is so much better.
    Great post.

  7. Jenny, great tips! Thanks! One question: My local society has both a page and a closed group. I don’t know for sure, but suspect the closed group is so that family genealogical info can be shared without having it spread all over the internet. However, I fear that the society may be “dividing” their potential audience pool, with neither the group nor the page being as active as they should be (IMHO). If you were “calling the shots” in this society, would you have only a page, only a group, or both?

    • Linda, I would probably 86 the closed group – if for no other reason than I think it sends the wrong message to the people who aren’t part of that group. I would keep it to only the Facebook page and then have a “members only” section on the website where they can keep all the private stuff.

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