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According to the Internet Surname Database, the Rothmeyer surname has not been researched.  I know very little about its origins, as I have done little research on this branch of my tree.

Surname in my Tree

My closest Rothmeyer ancestor is my 2nd great grandmother, Emma T. Rothmeyer (1870-1947).  The line goes back to her father, Joseph Rothmeyer (1835-?).  Sadly, that’s as far as I’ve gotten.


I believe Joseph Rothmeyer was born in the Germany/Prussia/Austria region of Europe around 1835.  This is based on nothing more than supposition and family lore at this point.  I do know that by 1870, he had married a woman named Christina and was living in a place called Strawberry Point in Boardman, Clayton, Iowa.  1880 is the last time I see Joseph in the census.  Emma was supposedly born a few days after the 1870 census was taken, though I have no proof of this either.  She married Joseph Huber on 9 October 1892 in Yankton, Dakota Territory and they lived there for the remainder of their days.  They had 8 children: Clara Rose, Christina Ann (my great grandmother), Elenora Bertha, Martha Mabel, Joseph Peter, Mildred Theresa, Alice, and Paul.  Emma died on 1 May 1947 and is buried at Sigel Cemetery in Yankton, South Dakota.

Future Research

It looks like I’m just going to have to buckle down and start doing some real research on this branch of the tree.


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Surname Saturday: Rothmeyer — 3 Comments

  1. Hello Jenny, I think I have some info about the Rothmeyers that might help you. Joseph died in Yankton May 17, 1907 and is buried at Sacred Heart Cemetery. His first wife Christina Wagner, your ancestor is buried at the Sigel cemetery. She died April 3, 1894. Joseph remarried January 11, 1899–Margaret Steffen and she is also buried at Sacred Heart Cemetery (died 1938). According to some trees on ancestry (including one by JHuber), Joseph’s parents were Louis and Kathrina Breimar (Rothmeyer) who were born in Bavaria and died in Germany. Joseph’s brother Mathias did come to the US also and stayed in the Elkadar, Clayton Co., Iowa area while Joseph and Christina moved to South Dakota.

    Mary Lou

  2. Also looking for info on my Rothmeyer relatives. Franz Rothmeier brought his two sons, Franz- 8yrs, and Gregor- 6yrs, from Austria to Nebraska in 1880’s. The name of the elder Franz Rothmeier was Johann (Johannes?) Rothmeier, whose wife was Catherine (Meines, Names?) Family information said they were from Stockerau, Jungwindl (?), Austria.

    If you know anything about this part of the family, I would appreciate any information.


    Jane (Rothmeyer) McCarthy

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