My Evernote To-Do List — 7 Comments

  1. I created different colored squares in Paint and saved them in a folder on my desktop. Then I drag the square into my note, right clicked, and selected “Annotate this image.”

    From there, you just use the toolbar on the left to create your masterpiece. Click on File > Save & Exit.

    I recommend that you save your icons in a folder as well. Then you can just drag them into your notes as needed.

  2. Awesome job! Your icons look great! Most of my to do are in Legacy and others are in Evernote. I think I need to spend some time moving them over to Evernote. I also like that I would be able to set up reminders for my to do lists in Evernote and I would be able to see them on my calendar too!!!

  3. I have all my genealogy To-Dos in Legacy but I have all of my personal to-dos in Evernote AND I have all of me my “Locality Files” in Evernote (everything I need to know about particular locations as I am doing research). I am very interested in your icons that you have. I am going to have to try this!

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