Motivation Monday: Goal Update — 6 Comments

  1. It’s likely that Pro Gen will be much more meaningful to you, Jenny – more association with colleagues, and far more immediate feedback from your peers. Genealogy can be quite a solitary pursuit, and I think you learn more when it becomes something else – seeing other people’s examples and work, other people’s problems. From what I’ve heard, Pro Gen is good for that. I think your doubts about your current course are spot on.

    • That’s what I’m looking forward to from ProGen, Diane … the peer review and feedback. I think I will probably read through the materials for the remaining lessons just to squeeze all the information out of it that I can, and move on. It seems a waste of almost $500 not to work to the end and get the certificate, but if the focus is less on whether I understand the research aspect and more on whether I use passive voice in my reports, then perhaps it’s best that I just move on.

  2. Oh, how I can identify with your experience with the Home Study Course. I’ve tried (and paid for the graded version) it twice!. The first time it was on CDs and I kept finding huge errors in putting together the content. When I complained I was sent new CDs each time only to find the same or more problems. I gave up. About a year or two ago I tried again (and paid for graded version) only to run into unreasonable delays in getting grades, no grades — just comments — appeals useless until my frustration level was more than I cared to handle. In one appeal, a different “unidentified” grader brought up new issues not included in the original comments. Having taught at the college level for several years, I found this a most unprofessional offering and have since found other educational opportunities. Leaving this behind despite the money spent was the best move I made in further my genealogy research education!

    • I’m so glad to hear you say that, Shirley. I was honestly beginning to think that maybe I was being overly sensitive or not willing to admit that I was wrong (which I have been known to do from time to time) … now I feel a little better about making this decision.

  3. Jenny, I have a friend who is also trying to finish up the course and she is complaining about the same issues, especially with how long it takes to receive feedback. This is one of the reasons I have held off on taking this course. I agree with the others that you will get much more feedback from ProGen and you will feel like you are actually doing something towards your goal of becoming a Professional Researcher.

    • Thanks Ginger. I’ve been hearing from a lot of folks with the same issues. I really hoped that a trusted institution like the National Genealogical Society would have put forth a better effort to have a top-of-the-line educational program, but I guess it’s not a high priority for them.

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