Promoting Your Blog Without (much) Bloodshed — 10 Comments

  1. This infographic was great, Jenny!

    I couldn’t agree more. Like the saying goes, “if a tree fell in a forest, but no one was there to witness the tree fall, did the tree really fall?”

    The same applies to content! If you don’t get it out there & no one sees it, then it’s like it doesn’t exist! 🙂


  2. Thanks Jenny. This post awakened me, but now I must confess that I need more help. I am editing the About page for our Facebook listing at Ancestral Systems LLC. I don’t find any specific editable space/field where I should list the various links to our other Social Media presences.

    Can you please spare a moment to help me out?

    • Sure, Joe! I’m glad to help. Since you’re working with a page instead of a profile, it will be a little different. There is no specific place to enter your other social media platforms, so the easiest way will be to simply put them in the description for your page. There are two: a short description and a long description. The short description shows up when someone views your page (on the right sidebar); the long description appears when they go to your “About” page.

      Basically anywhere that you are able to freeform type any information, you can add links to whatever you want. Hope that helps! If not, PM me on Facebook and I’ll see if I can help more.

  3. Great article Jenny thanx for the info! I often find myself pulling my hair out trying to get posts to all my networks and peeps and oh my God!! I’m learning lots from all the people on this 30 day challenge. Thank you for useful, much appreciated and much needed tidbit!!

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