Exciting New Feature in FamilySearch Catalog — 11 Comments

    • Very nice, Michele! Is this a person you pay for these services, or just a friend of yours? (I might have some work for them if it’s the former – since it’s clearly going to be the 17th of Never before I actually get to SLC).

  1. I think I know why you don’t have film numbers in the list. That Probate record is actually a series with multiple film numbers. I guess since there is the hyperlink, you don’t need all of the film numbers, you can just click through to them!

    • You’re probably right, Lisa. Worst case scenario, one can always just write it in the blank if necessary, I guess. My plan is to use that blank space (and then some, probably) to write the names of the people I need to find on that film, because by the time I get the films, I will have forgotten LOL

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