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  1. Oh I love finding double entries on folks (somehow balances out all the missing folks) Could it be she was visiting in Wisconsin or perhaps stayed behind for some reason. I have found some folks were too ill to travel so stayed behind and came later, children with & without adults & adults who should have been at the new place but were not. Seems visits were longer and often the visitors were counted in both places.
    Sidebar: back when I was going to college I lived with my grandparents in WI. My folks moved from Illinois to Kansas two weeks after moving me to Wisconsin. The next summer some sort of head count for something was done and I was listed as living in my folks home. I had spent 9 days in KS, including travel time, over the winter holidays and the university in Wisconsin said I was a resident there… my descendants are gonna love me!

  2. Yikes! The map appeared after I posted the above. Being nosy I started reading names… 3 of my here, there and nowhere this census names are on that map… If they are my peeps (research to be done) I may have a melt down. One I think is my dad’s mother’s paternal uncle, another is a cousin of this uncle & the third is a cousin of my dad’s father. My dad’s parents met in North Dakota about 1915… (she was born in Wis, he in Ind) Twilight Zone anyone? BTW this would not be the first time this has happened in my tangled tree. Yes, I could avoid this if I stuck to direct bloodline but that just won’t work
    Thanks for sharing this!

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