Why Spreadsheets Are Cuter Than Kittens – Part 2 — 7 Comments

  1. Well I just went DUH! I have been trying to make those ‘fancy’ time lines. Love the vertical idea, I can do that!
    That template is pricey but if you were to do timelines for several ancestors it might just be worth it – if it is easy to use. But I will still ponder that expense and consider how many birth or death certs or obits from a historical society (that could use my $20) that would translate to

  2. I agree that it’s pricey, Scaloot. If you are pretty adept at Excel, you can probably just follow the step-by-step instructions (they’re free). Don’t be afraid to try and fail. You can always edit your spreadsheet.

    And I’m glad the simple timeline helped you have a light bulb moment! (I am frequently of the “making it harder than it has to be” camp too). 🙂

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