Louis SchneiderLouis Schneider is my paternal 2nd great grandfather.  He is the oldest child of Eugene Schneider and Marguerite “Maggie” Curie/Currie, born in Washington County, Iowa on 2 January 1851.  He lived with his parents and 7 siblings in Washington County until 1876, when he homesteaded in Bon Homme County, Dakota Territory.  He married Mary Alice Egan on 18 November 1877, and they remained in Bon Homme County until 1898.

They had 7 children between 1878 and 1892, all born in Bon Homme County, yet only one was born in the state of South Dakota.  One child, Joseph, died as an infant, likely around 1882.  Their youngest child, Mary Alice Schneider, is my paternal great grandmother.

Louis was a farmer all his life.  He enjoyed growing broom corn and tobacco, even though the climate was not exactly hospitable to such crops.

In 1898, the family bought a farm near Utica, Yankton County, South Dakota.  The remained on that farm until 1914 when the couple retired.  They built a new home at 705 Pine Street in Yankton, where he lived until he died at his home after losing a battle with influenza at 11:30 a.m. on 19 August 1934.  He is buried at Sacred Heart Cemetery in Yankton.

Louis Schneider home 705 Pine

705 Pine Street, Yankton

What I don’t know – and how will I find the answer?

Where were Louis and Mary Alice married?  Check Bon Homme County marriage records, but will likely have better luck with church records

Other than broom corn and tobacco (which was mostly for his personal use), what other crops would Louis have grown?  Farm Schedules from census records (if they still exist) would be a good start.

Where was the land in Bon Homme where Louis homesteaded?  Look for the land patent, old township maps, etc.

What caused him to go all the way to Bon Homme County?  I may never know the answer to this, but there must be a reason why he bypassed everything in between, including Yankton.


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