To Do List image for blogThis is where I’ll be posting the results of my What Next? Wednesday efforts to further my research.

Last Wednesday, I posted a summary of what I know and what I don’t know about my 2nd great grandfather, Joseph Zenophile Lanctot. Using that “brainstorming” list, I created a list of potential places to find the records that I need.  As luck would have it, I was also contacted by a cousin who has already been a tremendous help on this family line!

Naturalization Records:   There are some records on Ancestry and FamilySearch that may help.  Alternatively, there is at least one microfilm of naturalization records for each of Charles Mix and Douglas Counties.

Passport Applications:  These are held by NARA, and there are many different types of applications depending on the time period.  There are also no online indexes, to my knowledge. This will take some additional research to determine the best way to narrow my search so it’s financially feasible to request the search at NARA.

Marriage Records (Dodge Co., NE?):  I haven’t been able to locate any online sources for marriage records for Dodge County; however, on the USGenWeb site for Dodge County, Nebraska, I did find a listing under the “Index for Parents and Witnesses” for Eliza Bourke (Book C, p. 534) and Louis Bourk (Book C, p. 537).  The entry for Eliza is as a witness for the marriage of Herbert Thigime and Louisa Buchner in 1877.  The entry for Louis is as the parent of Emma Bourk (with mother Mary Belgard) in her marriage to Joseph Forget in Saunders County in 1876.  This could be a lead on who Eliza’s mother is, so I will definitely be looking into this a little further.  It is available on microfilm from the FHL, so I will be putting this on my list.  I have also added to my list the microfilm containing the three subsequent marriage books that haven’t been indexed … maybe they are in one of those.

Birth records (Charles Mix Co., SD):  I’ll check Ancestry and FamilySearch first to see if there are any online records.  Because South Dakota didn’t require registration of births until 1905, I probably won’t find anything at the state level.  Ordering at the county level costs $15 per certificate, so I need to be sure what I’m ordering.

Death records (Charles Mix Co., SD):  See notes above for birth records – same applies for death records.

Informational records (Dodge Co., NE; Charles Mix/Douglas Co., SD):  I will look for newspaper articles, county histories, or any other local records that might indicate what happened in their lives, before and after they were married.  There are “mug” books for Dodge County, Nebraska, and for Charles Mix and Douglas Counties in South Dakota.  I’ll look at those and see if they mention anything.

This is a pretty good start.  I have a feeling that the information I get from this new cousin will create even more questions … but that’s a post for another day!

Let me know if you think I’ve gone completely mad, or if you have any additional ideas than what I’ve mentioned here.


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