The Hospital (4 Jun 1938) — 4 Comments

  1. This is interesting Jenny. I’ve never noticed this section in a newspaper, but I will certainly sit up and take notice in the future.

    Several years ago I purchased a newspaper and it was sent to me on microfilm, so I have to go somewhere where there is a microfilm reader to view it, which is not exactly convenient. Is yours on a CD? Who did you buy it through?

    • Michelle, I actually I purchased original newspapers off ebay because I have more than one branch of my tree going through Yankton, South Dakota, and I simply couldn’t pass them up. They are old and yellow and brittle … and AWESOME. The fact that these newspapers were all from pre- to post-WWII pretty much solidified my decision to buy them, since I had several relatives who fought in WWII with the South Dakota National Guard out of Yankton.

      I wonder if you can take your microfilm to a local Family History Library and use their microfilm scanner so you have digital copies. Sure, it will take a while, but it will be so much easier to deal with.

      • Jenny, that is so interesting. I’ve never thought to look for newspapers on Ebay. I know I way underutilize Ebay. I search my surname occasionally, but I really haven’t spent much time on there.

        Jenny, I am so embarrassed to even admit this, but I live close to SLC and the FHL. It honestly never even occurred to me to transfer it myself. It’s a very large and full microfilm, so maybe I could do a little at a time, but holy cow this is a good idea! Thanks!

        • You may even ask the folks at the FHL if they can digitize it for you – not sure about copyright (you’ll want to check into that), but the digitized result could be put on the FamilySearch site and provide a copy on a CD or flash drive for you. Then, you get it digitized AND you don’t have to do it. Win/win. 🙂

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