NGS 2014 – FamilySearch Blogger Dinner — 2 Comments

    • Kristina,

      You can sign up to index – not only obituaries, but documents from all kinds of record groups – the more volunteers we have, the faster they will be searchable online!

      Just go to and take a look around. If you already have a login for FamilySearch, use it. If not, go ahead and sign up! It’s free 🙂 There are videos to show you how indexing works, and there’s even an interactive demo.

      Also – don’t be worried that you’ll make a mistake when you’re indexing. First, there are records for experience levels from beginner to very advanced. Each record is also indexed by two different indexers, then is sent to a third for arbitration. So if you happen to make a mistake, it will likely be caught before it ever sees the light of day.

      Once you have seen what it’s all about, you can download the software, select your project, and start indexing!

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