Old Search is Dead. Long Live New Search! — 8 Comments

    • Thanks, Donna. Ancestry’s search (for the most part) is very logical … which I think is part of the problem. Logic and common sense are something that are lacking in our world these days.

  1. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! It is time for a little tough love. I noticed that one person who complained bitterly about the new search not bringing back any records had filled in a place that did not exist (and by looking at the drop down choices he could have seen his error). No – it was Ancestry’s fault for not knowing he meant a completely different state than the one he typed in.

    I cannot even remember what old search looked like because since Ancestry first mentioned the change, I started playing with it, watching the videos and asking questions. This change has been a long time coming and perhaps Ancestry should have given us a shorter time to get on the stick. Reminds me on the complaints about Microsoft ending support for Windows XP – seriously let’s be willing to change things up and work with improvements.

    Great post and good screen captures – I agree, you can’t break it so put it through its paces and please, constructive criticism.

    • Thanks, Tessa! It’s pretty simple: no matter how you slice it, five-clicks-instead-of-three is STILL faster and easier than driving across the country to a repository or waiting by your mailbox for six weeks. I’m baffled that people are in such an uproar over it.

  2. I agree with Alex, love your style and humor and your take on this subject is refreshing and mirrors mine. This post is saved to my favorites and will be shared the next time (and there will be a next time) that the whining and complaining about old search manifests.

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