How Do I Know That? — 7 Comments

    • I sort of do the same thing, Claudia. Normally, if I can’t prove the connection, they don’t even go in my tree. I put them in my database, but will only link them if I can “prove” they belong there. Unfortunately, this one fell through the cracks (probably because I was so excited to have SOMETHING to add with this family line). Lesson learned!

  1. Great post Jenny. I’ve been on this kind of quest lately as I update my oldest work to the GPS. It is a very thought provoking exercise. Plus, by blogging it this way, you’ve pretty much got your proof argument.

  2. Hello. I believe that I may have contacted you before, but it wad aa long while ago. I am a Heerdink from Evansville and I appreciate all the research that you put into this. I have been on before, bit haven’t gone into too much detail. My grandfather John F. Heerdink had a father named John and there might be another one or two more Johns before we get to Anton. I would love to know more as well as share what I know about the Heerdinks.

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