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  1. That is awesome!!! I’m so impressed with all the help you found. You’ve got me wondering if there’s a Facebook group for Always Claimed to be From Surrey England, No Known Family Here, and Children Give Two Completely Different Versions of Her Maiden Name? Must check that out.

  2. Awesome ~ yeah for FB collaboration!! And I have to laugh at Diane’s idea for a FB group – I have some like that. Maybe the “Lied About Her Age and Marital Status On a Whim Until No One Knows the Answer” group?

    • … or “My ancestor was just making stuff up to confuse the crap out of the family historian,” Diana? I think that one might exceed the limits of membership LOL

      I might start one called “My ancestor was obviously allergic to paper.”

      • Oh I like that one Jenny – but you are right, ALL genealogist would join! I love the allergic to paper one…I mean seriously, some of these people must have spent their life running from anyone they saw with a pen or pencil!!

  3. Yes, what a positive experience you had with Facebook. I guess Facebook really is going to continue to be strong with genealogy possibly leaving Google+ on the wayside afterall. I have joined several facebook groups lately after shying away from them for so long and I’m really enjoying the interactions. I will start my own group for all the Godwins who claim to be descended from Colonel Thomas Godwin of VA!

    • I have resisted Facebook, too, but I am at my wit’s end for a few ancestors. Maybe I will have to join. I really think I’m out there enough already for privacy reasons but how else will I ever find the answers to these questions? I guess I’d better find a facebook tutorial on youtube.

  4. I wouldn’t discount Google+ just yet, Ginger. Granted, Facebook and G+ each have their own strengths and weaknesses. No, there aren’t as many people on G+ right now, but the Google Hangouts (and Hangouts on Air) are a boon for genealogists, particularly where genealogy education is involved. At least on my feed, G+ is just less “social” than Facebook, making it a little easier to get to the good stuff. Make your group … I think you will be surprised with the benefits you get. 🙂

  5. Happy Dance! So glad you found a group to help you out – sounds like you will be busy for a while. 🙂
    I belong to several groups on FB – but I really need to find that one for kin from outer space. They can’t count, are allergic to any written record, change their name (per family story) sometime before 1st marriage. They also like to live where fire & flood take their toll on any record they couldn’t avoid. They will also have no idea of geography or where any family member might be from or even passed through.
    Oh and if they have a sibling her name will be Mary.

    • Haha, Judy … I feel your pain! Except my Marys weren’t the siblings, they were all the wives. All. Of. Them. (Including 2nd or 3rd wives). Sometimes I ask myself why I keep doing it … and THIS post is why. Keep on keepin’ on, Judy!

    • And Mary’s father, brother and son will be named William. Ditto each of her siblings will be named William or Mary and each of them will marry a William or Mary and each will name one child William and one child Mary. Are we related do you think? My other branch came from outer space and dropped Daniel Ward off as they passed over Prince Edward Island in 1805.

    • Wow, thanks Nancy! It looks like there is some good information – if not pertaining to MY family, definitely pertaining to Dutch research in general – so I am going to follow this blog! I’m so glad you posted the link!

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