Best. Present. Ever. — 7 Comments

  1. Too totally cool! I am so exited for you!

    I’ve no preference either way on new blog or not, just if you do a new blog let us know so I can subscribe to it too .

  2. You know, I am not sold on the idea of a separate blog. This is great content for your blog. Granted, this will have far broader interest than genealogy, but I think it’s nice when those other researchers find the part of the scrapbook they are interested in, it’s there for them because of dedication to family history.
    I mean granted not every genealogist or blog follower will be interested in the numerous posts that will be generated, but still, this is your family’s story, and the process of uncovering and presenting this material has some interest for family historians.
    Plus, a standing blog will generate higher search engine results, so those among the public who need to find the scrapbook contents will have better success finding it.
    That’s just my thoughts …

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