I’m Giving It Away … Again! – Catholic Style — 16 Comments

  1. LOL…I’ve done the same thing!! One time I bought not 1 not 2 but 3 copies of something!!

    I actually do have Catholic ancestry but I am lucky in that it’s concentrated in one diocese.

    This is a good book. I don’t need it but I can also recommend it!!

  2. Hmmm. Which tale to tell? There was the time I came home with a dog only to realize we already had one. Oops. Or the time I had to clear out 7 black dresses I never wore to make room for one more (which I still haven’t worn).

    But if we are sticking to genealogy I find it impossible to pass up anything by Stratton Nottingham. I have bought his Marriage Licenses books for both Lancaster and Northumberland Counties twice. Even worse, the books are of very limited use because my targets were Catholic and sailing over to Maryland to get married or shipping priests into Virginia.

  3. Before beginning research of my family history, I was a potter for many years. After a trip back from the museums in Washington, DC, I, too, was shelving my new books and found I had two copies of “Korean Pottery!” That’s really not something I could “gift” to another, but I did sell it on ebay for a decent price. I need to look for an app to list my books, as well!

    I enjoy reading your blog. Thanks for sharing with us.

    • I feel your pain, Andrea. As for an app for your books, I’ve been putting my books on LibraryThing. They have an app for your smart phone that will scan the UPC code (or you can enter the ISBN) for a quick way to add your books. I think GoodReads is another one that folks have been using. There are a bunch out there – but those are two that I’ve heard the most about.

  4. I go to the local thrift store to look at books for my kids all the time. There has been more than one occasion when I have come home with a book and my son will tell me we already have that one. I think that that is maybe a sign that we have too many children’s books, lol!

    Both my and my husband’s ancestors were Catholic – ALL Catholic. 🙂

  5. I’ve done that before with Maureen Taylor’s book, “Uncovering Your Ancestry through Family Photographs.” Fortunately I bought it at a used book store so it wasn’t as painful as it could have been. I need to create an inventory on an app on my phone too.

  6. Not in the draw, but had to comment.
    Multiples of tuna, mayo (down to 4 jars at the moment),4 bottles of garlic salt when I wanted garlic power, books of every genre, kitchen gadgets (do I really need another can opener – mostly due to stocking up an RV and never remembering what I had to ‘borrow’ from the kitchen last trip) but never a dog! Around here things that beg for food, 2 and 4 footed varieties, seem to be remembered.
    Glad you are passing this on. One of my brick walls is Catholic but I have narrowed down to one remaining diocese in Indiana & someday I will get there to look (Visited the one parish in ND, was interesting reading the old Latin, the new priest there couldn’t read it! )
    Someday I might get a smart phone just for stuff like that inventory list but for now I just use dumb cell, mostly for finding where ‘his nibs’ has wandered off to while at Wallyworld or Lowe’s or ???

    • I completely understand! It seems like I buy 4 cans of tuna every time I go to the store, whether I need it or not. Also – a rolling pin and cheese grater. Both duplicate purchases. Where in Indiana are your people? You mentioned North Dakota … let me know if you have anyone in South Dakota – Yankton/Irene area. I have a full copy of the church register from St. Columba Parish.

  7. One time we bought my mother-in-law the same book for two different Christmases! In my defense, I told my husband that we had already bought it several years earlier, but he did not agree. Sure enough, she already had it.

  8. That sounds like a great book… Half of my ancestors are Irish and Catholic. The rest are German and Lutheran. Actually I have one priest and one minister cousins.

    I do volunteer research for the Diocese of Pittsburgh and I want to thank you for the picture. I should be able to find and purchase the book.

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