FGS 2013 – Evansville Research Leg — 6 Comments

  1. Oh, Jenny, I feel both your pain and your genea-geekiness! I hope you found some great things and I have to admit I was curious about the Willard Library when I saw it on the list. I’ll look forward to talking with you about it in person…and getting my beads too! Only one more sleep until I’m on my way…!!!!

  2. Jenny! Great to see you started on your trip! I live in Nashville so if you ever this way again, let me know – maybe we can meet up. And, my husband’s family is from Evansville – we go all the time. You will love Willard once you get in! I am so happy they are there – it is such a great resource.

    • Taneya, I had no idea you came up here so often. (Good to know for future reference!) I absolutely LOVE this library! It’s so beautiful and the people are so nice. I’m getting lots of information about my families, and I’m sure I’ll be up half the night getting it all reorganized … so I can start again tomorrow 🙂

    • It’s not as exciting as I was hoping it would be … but I posted more, anyway. You’ll be especially interested in my next post(s), Laura. They are directly related to you 🙂

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