IGHR Day Four


I have officially decided to stop fighting the whole waking up early thing.  It’s just not working.  Clearly, I’m too excited about the day’s classes to sleep late.

Because I'm supposed to include a picture in my blog posts, and I didn't take any today - here's some bacon!

This is the obligatory blog post photo –because I didn’t take any today, here’s some bacon!

Again, no bacon at breakfast.  If there’s none tomorrow morning, I’m going to ask if they can PLEASE have some on Friday.  I think I’ve earned it.

Mr. Bockstruck presented all the classes today, starting with Church Records.  This was quite enlightening for me, since I haven’t found anyone in my tree who isn’t Catholic, and the records have to be requested from the appropriate diocese (they certainly aren’t going to let me in there to nose around in the records!).  Other denominations aren’t quite so … controlling.  I also learned what records other denominations kept and which ones they didn’t keep.  Did you know that Baptists don’t baptize children?  Or that Quakers don’t baptize anyone?  Yeah, me either.

My next class was Onomatology (or the study of the origin of names).  I was especially looking forward to this class (1) because of the recent publication of Mr. Bockstruck’s book – The Name IS The Game: Onomatology and the Genealogist – and (2) because there are several names in my tree that I can’t figure out what the parents were thinking.  I’m pretty sure you have some too, right?  I was not disappointed.  He even shared a story about a man named Human Gummery.  You’ll figure it out.

We giggled about that all during lunch.

The last two sessions of the day we learned about Westward Expansion.  I was really starting to get a little discouraged (because apparently no one migrated to the Dakota Territory on purpose … ever), but after asking Mr. Bockstruck about it, he gave me a clue of where to look to see how my family ended up there.  Very exciting!

I made a trip to the Heritage Books store this afternoon and bought Christine Rose’s book “Nicknames Past and Present” and a pamphlet/quicksheet/thing on building a genealogical sketch.  I’m hoping this will help me figure out where to start telling a story in a way that makes sense.  After looking through all the books in the store and asking about the existence of books about research in South Dakota, and finding none, I have realized that there is a niche that needs to be filled.  I’m totally willing to go to South Dakota (not in winter) and write the book … so if anyone is out there looking for a project to fund … I’m your gal.

Dinner was had in the cafeteria tonight, now that the 650 extra students and parents were gone (thank goodness!).  I ran into a friend I met at the FGS conference in Birmingham last August who is getting ready to submit her portfolio to the Board for Certification of Genealogists.  I’m so excited (and envious) for her!  We had a good time catching up during and after dinner.

I attended Judy G. Russell’s evening session: The ABCs of DNA.  I think I might actually understand what the heck I’m doing with all the DNA testing I’m trying to get done in my family!  Not to mention that I just love hearing Judy speak. You simply can’t help being interested in whatever it is.

So I’m going to go stream a movie (the wifi has gotten exponentially more reliable after I moved my iPad over by the window – go figure) and specifically NOT do any personal research.  However, my to-do list has reached two full pages, and my to-get list is off the charts.  Between all the DNA testing I need to do now, and all the books I need to purchase, I really need to win the lottery.

Do we share any ancestors?
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