Apparently I’m only allowed to get a certain number of hours of sleep in a night. I woke up at 5:30 this morning (clearly, still on Eastern time), an hour and a half before my alarm went off.  Love it when that happens.

I awoke to a(nother) torrential downpour this morning.  I lollygagged around my room for a while, making sure I had everything I could possibly need for my first day of classes.  Note: I will not take as much tomorrow.  There appeared to be a lull in the rain, so I headed out and walked over to the cafeteria.  Next time I will remember my travel coffee mug.  And my change for the soda machine.  The coffee mugs in the cafeteria are TINY.  But breakfast was yummy (notice I didn’t say healthy).  But alas, no bacon.  Maybe tomorrow.

By the time I got done with breakfast and got ready to walk to the next building for my first class … yep, raining again.  My umbrella?  Back in my room.

At 8:30 our first class, Tax Records, began.  Lloyd Bockstruck explained some of the terminology that is used with tax records, and how to identify people of the same name on tax lists, and who is included on them.  I took copious notes and vow (again) to remember to look at some tax lists for my ancestors after I get home.

Mr. Bockstruck then talked to us about Pitfalls in Research.  Some very critical information in this class: particularly how a simple misinterpretation of the terminology, dates, or abbreviations contained in historical documents can cause your research to go in a completely wrong direction!  Mental note: purchase every dictionary you can get your hands on.

FB_IMG_13708006240977904Boxed lunches were provided for those who pre-ordered them. Cobb salad for me today (yay for bacon!).  I also planned ahead and grabbed a bottle of water so I could smuggle some iced tea out of the cafeteria later.  What?  They don’t have to-go cups!  The rainy morning had turned into a nice breezy sunny afternoon, so we found a table out on the “quad” and ate lunch outside by the fountain.  We shared a table with several very nice ladies and had a great chat about everything from working as a professional to whether we were given three or four homework assignments.  (It was only three … I hope).

Usually the class after lunch is tough.  But Angela McGhie was talking about Federal Land Records, which was exciting to me because this is one record group I happen to know a little bit about!   Angela’s presentation made me realize that there are two other record groups I can search for even MORE information than what I already have.  I’ve started making a list of things I need to do when I get home.  It’s only the first day of classes and already my list is getting out of control.

The last class of the day was Mr. Bockstruck again, this time sharing a genealogical bibliography, a biographical index bibliography, and an heraldry bibliography.  So far, I haven’t come across anyone in my tree who has a coat of arms, but when I do … I’m ready!  There are several publications in these bibliographies that I must get.  Yes, I’ve started another list for that.

While we were waiting for the 5:00 dinner bell, Linda, Tonia, and I walked over to the library to check out the Heritage Books shop.  I didn’t buy anything … yet.

Dinner was chaotic to say the least.  Apparently, the school is having freshman orientation for the next two days and there are about 200 new students AND their parents here, and everyone was in the cafeteria at the same time.  How did these high school kids get so TALL?  I was only brave enough to have a salad.  I grabbed a big glass of iced tea … remember that empty water bottle?  Oh yes.

After dinner, we walked over to the auditorium to hear Judy Russell give her presentation of “The Ethical Genealogist.”  Several people commented on how wonderful it was from the SCGS Jamboree last week, and they weren’t kidding! I missed the live streaming session from Jamboree, so it was a treat to have a second chance to see it.  So much better to see her present in person than on a webinar.  (And? We ran into Judy on our way to the library before dinner and she recognized my name.  OMG!!  I feel like … almost famous and stuff!)

Afterward, I walked back to the dorm and here we are … me and my snacks.  Turns out that a salad just doesn’t keep you full for very long.  I still have my tea though!

… and tomorrow IS another day …


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IGHR Day Two — 2 Comments

  1. Jenny, thank you for providing these day-by-day reports about IGHR. It helps me, and I’m sure others, consider whether (and when) to jump into the IGHR waters in the future. Keep the reports coming!

    • You’re welcome, Doug! Even though it’s only Day 2, I have enough evidence to highly recommend that everyone attend a genealogy institute at one time or another. It’s a great experience and I’ve already learned SO much (and I’m not distracted by the shiny new things like I am at conferences).

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