Mary Lucile Crowe: Grammar School


My grandmother, Mary Lucile Crowe (Mary Lou) attended grammar school at St. Catherine Catholic School in Indianapolis, Indiana.  Unfortunately, the only record I have from her time there is her 8th grade report card.

Mary Lucile Crowe - grade 8 report card 1938-39   Mary Lucile Crowe - Grade 8 report card back 1938-39

There is so much that is awesome about this, I hardly even know where to begin.  First, she was pretty smart.  Look at those grades!  Not much room for error with the grading standards those days.  By today’s standards, she would have been almost a straight-A student.  It does not surprise me that she made straight As in hygiene, but it’s clear to me now where my artistic “talent” came from …  Second, this is an original document.  My grandmother held it in her hand, and her parents held it in their hands.  How cool is that?

On the back of the card is space for her parents to sign at the end of each six-week period, which they did, so now I have their actual signatures. That’s pretty darn exciting!  Oh, and did you notice the message to parents?  “Be generous in commending sincere effort and satisfactory progress”  and “any mark lower than C should be made a matter of immediate inquiry.”  Don’t see that anymore.  Sister Marie Bernadette (teacher AND principal) signed her Certificate of Promotion to “first year.”  Not sure what that means.

She graduated from eighth grade on June 11, 1939 by her “proficiency in scholarship and integrity of character.”  Good girl, Gramma.

Mary Lucile Crowe - 8th Grade Diploma - 1939

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