How (Not) to Find a Missing Heerdink (Part 1) — 6 Comments

  1. One of my favorite census tricks is to search using just the first names of the people in the household. I am sure that combining Anton, Mary, and Jeanette will have few returns. I never would have found my husband’s grandmother in the 1940 census in Chicago without this trick because the enumerator had horrible handwriting.

    • Thanks, Sierra! I tried looking by first name for just Anton or just Jeannette, but didn’t even think about putting them all together. I will try it when I get home this evening. Thanks again!

  2. I successfully used Steve Morse last week. I looked up the address on google and found the cross streets and then went to Steve Morse and found the enumeration district. Just like you describe, I went through page by page and finally found who I was looking for – Sam Steen and his family were enumerated as Sam Samsteen, Rachel Samsteen, Hazel Samsteen, and Rose Samsteen.

    Sierra, I never thought about that trick, either. Thanks for the suggestion – I can’t wait to try it!

  3. Jenny, just another typical genealogical search! It’s funny, but for every blog post written about a will, or a military story, or picturing an ancestral home, there is evening after evening spent like this. People could read about our successes and not even realize that. Please let us know about how this progresses! I’d like to see what happens with the search that was suggested by Sierra.

    • Diane – and now we know why all that stuff is cut out of the final product when “Who Do You Think You Are” airs LOL! I don’t want to scare away any budding genealogists, but sometimes you just need a dose of reality, right? I can’t imagine an entire episode of me sitting at my desk scrolling through the census for the entire state of Indiana. It would be canceled before the second show!

      Debi – I love Steve Morse’s site! It has helped me solve a lot of census-related problems, but it’s not one of those that is at the forefront of my mental toolbox (even though it should be), so I literally do that V-8 forehead slap every time I remember to use it. LOL

  4. I looked at this and think this may be your guy.

    U.S., Civil War Draft Registrations Records, 1863-1865 about Anthony Herdink
    Name: Anthony Herdink
    Residence: Johnson, Kittson, Indiana
    Class: 1
    Congressional District: 1st
    Age on 1 July 1863: 28
    Estimated Birth Year: abt 1835
    Race: White
    Marital Status: Married
    Place of Birth: Germany

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