We all know that you can’t truly perform any sort of organizational tasks in a genealogical setting without getting completely sidetracked (at least I can’t).  This affliction handicap characteristic led me to a discovery for which I had to give myself a little pat on the back.

As you may or may not know, one of my current ongoing projects is to enter all of my sources and information into Evidentia – at least up through my great grandparents.  Well, since I wasn’t attending RootsTech, I had some time on my hands and ended up working on my maternal grandfather (Harold John Crowe, Sr.) Friday night.  I realized that I had several city directory pages from the time when he lived in Indianapolis that had not even been acknowledged, much less entered into my database (either RootsMagic or Evidentia).  Strange.

In the process of entering these city directories, I noticed one missing here, another one there … soon I had abandoned my data entry and was off on a search for more city directories.  I found one or two on Ancestry and I was beginning to get a little discouraged … but then I found it: [cue the choir of angels]  The Motherlode.

I went to Internet Archive and found that they have SO MANY city directories just for Indianapolis.  It was a little bit overwhelming.  So I went old-school and made a list.

2013-03-23 16.43.54

This is a list of all the years my great grandfather was an adult – 1917 through his death in 1971.  I went through my list and crossed off all the years for which I already had a city directory.  Then I systematically worked my way through the offerings at Internet Archive and one by one I found the page with my great grandfather on it, downloaded it, made my source citations (!!!), and entered the data into Evidentia.

When all was said and done (at about 1 a.m.), I was only missing 9 years, including one year during WWI, and 4 years during WWII.  I had city directories for the WWII years, but he is not listed in any of them.  Another project for another day.

In any case, here is how my great grandfather’s adult “migration” plays out (so far):

  • 1917 – 204 S. Race, Princeton, Indiana
  • 1919 – 502 E. 4th St., Mt. Vernon, Indiana
  • 1920 – 502 3rd St., Mt. Vernon, Indiana
  • 1923 – 1307 E. Tabor, Indianapolis, Indiana
  • 1924-1926 – 1337 E. Tabor, Indianapolis, Indiana
  • 1927-1931 – 1637 E. Raymond, Indianapolis, Indiana
  • 1933-1939 – 2435 S. State Ave., Indianapolis, Indiana
  • 1940-1941 – 2133 Madison Ave., Indianapolis, Indiana
  • 1947-1958 – 1416 W. Pruitt, Indianapolis, Indiana
  • 1959-1971 – 35 W. Pleasant Run Pkwy S. Dr., Indianapolis, Indiana

*Please note, I also used census records, military enlistment records, social security application, funeral records, obituaries, and other records to confirm/supplement the city directories.

Who says you can’t be productive while you’re being sidetracked?  Now I just have to find the remaining years.

Because I didn’t have anything else to do, I did a little search in Google and found these current street views of some of the homes he lived in during these times:

2435 S State Street

2435 S State Street

Harold J Crowe Sr 2133 Madison Ave Indianapolis - 1940

2133 Madison Ave

1416 W Pruitt Indianapolis IN

1416 W Pruitt

1307 E Tabor Indianapolis

1307 E Tabor (& 1337 E Tabor) (I’m not convinced this is the actual address – there’s an interstate to the right of this house and I think that’s where 1307 and 1337 actually went)

35 W. Pleasant Run Pkwy S

35 W. Pleasant Run Pkwy S

502 3rd St, Mt. Vernon

502 3rd St, Mt. Vernon

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