How Not to Make a First Impression – or Day 1 with 23andMe — 4 Comments

  1. Have you tried reaching out to them via social media? I would try commenting on their facebook page. I also have a concern, like you I ordered a test for a family member and I am signed up on the account. When the test came in, I went into my account to activate it. I paid for the test, I want the results (I guess I am selfish). Anyhow, I read somewhere that most companies have the option to add additional emails to the account, I looked and could not find this. So, I sent an email and got the reply that only one person can have access. I guess if they want all the background information on my relative, they just cannot have it. Too bad for them,

  2. Jenny,
    I had a similar problem. My daughter was collecting the sample for my 88 year old father and spilled the contents of the preservative fluid. It was so hard to get this sample, so I tried the same thing — phone number, multiple emails, etc. to get in touch with them. There basically is no customer support. It took much longer to get my response back by email and it was of no help. I mailed off the sample in hopes of it processing in time with the reduced fluid. I have still not heard back if the sample was viable and it has been weeks (they did say they were running behind). They told me in the only communication I got, that they would walk me through the process of re-testing if necessary. My own test was sent 2 weeks prior to my Dad’s and went through fine — and the results were very interesting — and I have 991 matches in the first day. There is a lot more to learn with DNA! I believe I have 2 brick wall busters in what I have found so far. I got a survey email from 23andme a few days after the problem with my Dad — and I let them know my opinion on the lack of customer service. I was thinking of mapping the whole genome through them, too.

  3. Jenny, I feel your anguish in trying to deal with 23andme. What I find absolutely hilarious and untenable is the first line of the email response you got when emailing 23andme at the email address they provide on their website to contact them in the first place – “Your email has been received at an unmonitored email address and will not be read or responded to.” [emphasis added]

    Nothing like good customer service, huh? I hope they step up and reimburse you for the extra shipping charges you’ll incur as well as a bit more for maybe another correctly-handled test!

  4. I could not agree more about the above comments. I have been trying
    to find a customer phone number with out any luck.
    I am very disappointed with 23andme. I would not recommend to my
    friends and family.

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