On Sunday, DearMYRTLE posted this challenge.  We are to transcribe and analyze an historic document using the new Evidentia software.  I have accepted her challenge.  This is part 1 of a 3-part series on how I approached this challenge.

We were instructed to locate and cite the marriage record for William Warren and Sarah Bickle in the Cornwall, England Parish Registers (1813-1836):

Warren Bickle marriage record

Werrington Parish (Devon County), Marriages 1813-1836, p. 36, entry for William Warren/Sarah Bickle marriage, no. 107; digital images, FamilySearch (www.familysearch.org : viewed 10 February 2013).

I created a new database for this challenge so it did not interfere with my personal database – how confusing would THAT be??  And because I knew I would only be using this source once (also specifically for this challenge), I did not create a new source template.  If you’d like to know how to do that, Russ Worthington has step-by-step instructions on his blog here.

My transcription of this record is as follows:

marrage record transcription

I am unfamiliar with English records (so far none of my ancestors hail from England), so this was truly a challenge for me.  (I had to look at the record above the Warren/Bickle record to decipher the name of the person who married the couple).

The first thing I had to figure out was the definition of “banns.”  I had heard of them, sure, but I hadn’t yet run across them in my research, so I wasn’t positive.  Fortunately, the FamilySearch Wiki had the answer.  Marriage banns are announcements of an impending marriage made by the priest in the home parish(es) of the parties.  The announcements were made once per week for three weeks.  This gave people the opportunity to object to the marriage for specific reasons (kinship, prior marriage, etc.) that were likely to make the marriage invalid.  Apparently, marriage banns were most prevalent in the Catholic church and the Church of England.

The next step was to enter the claims made by the marriage record into my Evidentia database.  I entered a total of 6 claims for 4 subjects.

marriage claims

Next post … analysis!


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