You Can Trust a Genealogist Relative, Right? — 3 Comments

  1. Jenny,

    How true. NOW we have a tool that really encourages us to revisit our documentation. For me, it goes beyond the “Cite Your Source” that I have heard for years and implemented when I started.

    Evidentia gets us to 1) Evaluate our Sources, and 2) document our conclusions.

    Our genealogy database management programs to get us there. At least mine doesn’t. The ability to look at ALL of the Claims (an Evidentia term) for a Fact or Event, evaluate each one, then draw a conclusion for that fact. Oh, and have a pretty nice way to document our conclusion, based on the evidence to date.

    Then, if that Fact or Event is update from another source, the evaluation and conclusion are done again. Up ’til now, its just been data entry.

    Thank you for your post.


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