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  1. Glad to help, Magda! In my opinion, the first thing Evidentia does is change the way you view your information. That alone has been a HUGE help for me. Hope you are able to get some positive results!

  2. I used Evidentia for a while. It is a good Windows application. Notice I said, “Windows.” It is not, however, a good Mac application. The developer, evidently, never used a Mac computer before. It is a poor Mac port of a good Windows application.

  3. Jeff, thanks for your comment. Would you mind expanding on it a little and let us know specifically what problems you were having on the Mac? The developer follows my blog and can probably address those problems if they can be identified. Yours is the first complaint I’ve seen or heard from a Mac user, so I’m curious as well.

    • I saw a webinar with the developer, DearMYRTLE and, I think, Russ Worthington. If he had been a Mac user, or at least familiar with it, he would have mentioned Reunion or MacFamily Tree as one of various genealogy applications that one could use. He didn’t. He mentioned all Windows programs. It just doesn’t have the “look or feel” of a Mac program. It looks and operates like a Windows program with a cheap Mac dress over it.

      Problems with it? I really can’t remember. It has been a while since I used it.

      • I am a Mac user and love Evidentia. I did have a problem at first, notified the developer and the problem is fixed. This program fills a gap that is missing in every genealogical program that I have tried over many years — PAF, Family Tree Maker, The Master Genealogist, Roots Magic, Reunion, MacFamily Tree, Roots, and Legacy. These are just a few programs I have spent money on and abandoned because what was missing was what Evidentia offers — a way to record what you find, compare it with all sources, and reach a logical conclusion. I couldn’t care less what operating system is used but am happy it is available for Mac. Sorry you are missing out on such a good thing!

  4. It can’t have been THAT long ago when you used it … it was only released the day after I wrote this blog post (less than 2 months ago).

    So what you’re really saying is that because it doesn’t LOOK like a Mac program, it’s not a good program? And because he didn’t mention your Mac-based genealogy program during a webinar, it makes him a poor developer?

    Here’s the thing. It doesn’t matter what genealogy programs he mentions or doesn’t mention. The program as it stands now does not integrate with ANY other program other than on a copy/paste level. Just because he didn’t give a “shout out” to your specific program doesn’t make him a poor developer.

    Secondly, you are correct – he is a Windows user, not a Mac user. The program was developed for Windows. He didn’t want to leave out the Mac users, so he did whatever needed to be done to make it usable on a Mac. He had Mac users in the beta testing (who didn’t seem to have any of the issues you’ve described).

    So – bottom line is this – if you want to criticize the software for the petty reasons you’ve described without actually USING it, do it on your own blog. If you’d like to add some constructive criticism, then I might consider publishing your next comment.

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