Anatomy of a Death Certificate (or … more confessions of an Intermediate Genealogy Noob) — 5 Comments

  1. Thanks for discussing the “extemes”, especially the reminder that one known discrepancy taints all the information provided by that informant. By the way, the “minutes” on the 1963 death cert was for length of stay at the hospital (place of death), not the length of residence at the home.

  2. I find it a bit funny that “Zenophile” (xenophile = someone who loves foreigners) was born in a foreign country.

    Also, in analyzing the information on the second death certificate, consider the question being asked. Art was asked “name of father” so he gave the name of his father, and so on. This is not necessarily grief-stricken confusion that puts all of the information into question. It may simply be straightforward confusion based on the question being asked. All of the information was probably completely accurate as far as he knew *in the context of the questions he thought were being asked*.

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