What’s New, Copycat? — 4 Comments

  1. Love the new look of your website – and especially your banner photo – gotta figure out how to make one of those! Thank you so much for the mention. I think our websites are kinda like dollhouses/train sets – so much fun to play around with, rearrange, make work in different ways. I’ll be keeping an eye on Jenny-ology (which I have been doing, anyway, especially for research toolbox ideas). For the future I can see us playing with pictures, maps, timelines, videos, etc.

  2. Yesterday I read Linda McCauley’s blog about how important it was to have a website and why. I’d looked at Weebly when you first posted about your new toolbox there and I had bookmarked your site. Yesterday when I went to check it out again I saw how much you had changed it and I was inspired to go ahead with it and set up my own website. I worked all afternoon on it and I’ve learned a lot and it’s starting to shape up. I’ve looked at Greta’s too so I guess I’m getting ideas from both of you. I was glad to see you’d just posted on your blog about your changes on your website…great timing for me, thanks!

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