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Not really.  Just out of commission for a little while.  Since my last post, I (barely) survived a week-long bout of the summer flu, which caused some missed deadlines for school (for which my instructor graciously granted some extra time), which has now caused me to play a serious game of catch-up on work, school, and housework.  Needless to say, I’ve been a little behind the 8-ball.

In any case, a few nice things have happened over the past several days.  I ordered the land records for my great-great grandfather and his brother from the National Archives back on July 16, and I received them this past Friday.  Unfortunately, I wasn’t expecting them for at least 60 days (according to the disclaimer on the NARA website when I ordered the records).  I am having a very difficult time “ignoring” the records, but this is a necessary test of my willpower.  If I get involved with them right now, I’ll never finish my last two weeks of school!

I also requested my great grandfather’s birth certificate from Perry County, Indiana, a couple of weeks ago, and received it in the mail yesterday.  I was quite confused when I opened it … but I’m saving that for a future post.

I haven’t received my great great grandmother’s death certificate yet, but I hope to receive it in the next several days.  I’m not in a big rush … again, only two weeks of school left.

So, my blog presence will probably be close to non-existent until after I take my final exam on August 12.  After that … look out blogging world!

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