Today is Nature Photography Day — 8 Comments

  1. And those are just the critters you can see. Wonder what else lives in your yard that you don’t ever see. I love your oasis and my side benefits from your oasis. Thanks!

  2. Thanks everyone!

    @Carol – I wish I could take credit for the yard, but I just added the feeders. The yard (including the humongous rosemary “treebushplant”) is all thanks to my “landlordfriendneighbor” 🙂

    @Greta – my cats love birdwatching from inside too. Do yours chirp at the birds too?

  3. Jenny, those are great pictures! That cat cracked me up! What a cool idea… wish I had somewhere in my yard for a bird oasis. But it takes all I have to feed the dog and three cats! LOL

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