Post-Storm Update … and message to Greta Koehl — 5 Comments

  1. Thank you for posting this, Jenny! I was wondering why there had been no comments recently! I have removed the blog in question from my blogroll (and I had noticed when my blog page was loading that there would be a long period of hesitation when it hit that blog). I hope that this has fixed the problem and will put up a post to let people know. Perhaps you or someone who reads this could try posting a comment to see whether everything is fixed. Also, thanks for the information on Weebly. Right now I am doing the Genealogy Toolbox part, but I would also like to post my families there if it works – I may check with some people at the NGS conference to find out how best to approach this. If Weebly works for that, I will probably buy the domain and possibly go the pro route as you have. Also – spiffy card! I got my husband to get a set of cheapo cards made for me at Kinkos that I can take to conventions – it’s fun to exchange cards! Again, thanks for pointing out the problem!

  2. I’m so sorry about the problems created for you by the storms. It’s good to know that you’re okay. Lovely contact cards. Thanks for all the information and linnks.

  3. @Greta, all is well with your blog now. I posted my comment there 🙂

    @Nancy, thank you for your concern. We were fortunate and only lost power for a few days. Others VERY nearby were not quite as fortunate and lost their homes and families. Record numbers of tornadoes (somewhere around 150, I’ve heard) in AL, GA, TN, and KY. We were definitely very fortunate.

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