My (Fruitless) Visit to the National Archives — 9 Comments

  1. Oh wow…what a disappointment that must have been.

    And I looked at the list of what you can and cannot take in…that’s pretty restrictive.

    If you have need of Civil War records for Confederates, please give me a shout and let me check at Footnote for you before you go paying anything. They also have some Union Civil War records, but many more Confederate…

  2. Jenny – ditto to Kathryn’s post. I nominated you for the One Lovely Blog award too! Your latest blog about your visit to the NARA facility in Washington, DC was very helpful. I remember when I first visited the Family History Center in Salt Lake. I did have a lot of work done ahead of time so I knew what I wanted and that they had it – but I took so much paperwork with me! I have learned to travel super light and really thoughtfully consider what I must absolutely take with me.

    Kind regards,
    Cindy Harris

  3. Undertaking a research trip like this is always daunting — and until you’ve done it, it’s not clear what you’ll need and what to leave behind. This genealogy work, like every other worthwhile endeavor, has a learning curve. it’s frustrating when you’re hopes are high. I think the mail route makes a lot of sense!

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