Tuesday’s Tip: WWII History Network

WWII network


The World War II History Network has something for everyone – whether you are a history buff or looking for more information about an ancestor who fought during World War II.

Courtesy Wikimedia Commons

Courtesy Wikimedia Commons

From community groups on so many different topics, I can’t even begin to name them all, to book giveaways, to upcoming events, to full-length movies about WWII, this site has it all.  If you want to know something about World War II, dollars to donuts you’ll find the answer here.

Membership is free, and there is space for each member to have a personal blog, photos, video, etc.  You can add your ancestor’s name to the Hall of Heroes Registry.

According to the FAQ, the site provides a social, academic, research, and business network dedicated to the Second World War.  But it’s really so much more than that.  Check it out!


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Motivation Monday: Goal Update

street-sign-141396_1280We’re closing in on the last quarter of the year, and it’s been about 3 months since I updated my goals, so I thought I should give a quick update:

I have already had to beg off of another ProGen Study Group placement … and I just feel terrible when I have to do that, so it adds a little fuel to the fire.  Here’s where I am so far:

1. Complete and submit Lesson 7  DONE!

This lesson definitely challenged my artistic skills, as well as my spatial recognition skills.  Let’s just say that I’m glad there are a lot of 90-degree angles in the cemetery plot I chose to diagram.

2. Complete and submit Lesson 8  DONE!

I am constantly amazed at how many records are NOT stored on-site at our local courthouse.  Everything has been microfilmed (but not digitized …).  This might be a good project for our society.

3. Complete and submit Lesson 9 On Appeal 

Submitted original assignment 6/12/14; rec’d grade 7/28/14; submitted appeal and resubmitted assignment 7/31/14; rec’d ruling 8/15/14 and appealed that ruling – still waiting for final grade and ruling on appeal

4. Complete and submit Lesson 10  DONE!

Local land and tax records, three assignments.  I’ve read the text, and am abstracting the deed for one of the assignments.  Two assignments remain – and I can knock both of them out with one visit to my local Register of Deeds.  I plan to complete this lesson this week.

5. Complete and submit Lesson 11 On Appeal 

Submitted original assignment 6/24/14; rec’d grade 7/28/14; submitted appeal and resubmitted assignment 7/31/14 – still waiting for grade and ruling on appeal

6. Complete and submit Lesson 12

Passenger Lists … unfortunately, this one might take some time as well, since I have only located the entry point for one of my ancestors.  Maybe working on this assignment will help me find others … we’ll see!

7. Complete and submit Lesson 13

Naturalization Records.  Another one with which I might have to resort to records of people who are strangers to me.  I have copies of a couple of the record types, but have never seen the others. This one will be a challenge.

8. Complete and submit Lesson 14

Military and Veterans Benefit Records.  This one will be tough.  I’ve requested service records from NARA on a few ancestors, but have consistently received the notice that the records had been destroyed in the fire.  I may try another ancestor, and if that doesn’t work, I’ll just have to utilize the alternative option.

9. Complete and submit Lesson 15

Evidence Analysis and Kinship.  I’m looking forward to this one, and dreading it at the same time.  Fortunately, (thanks to DearMYRTLE’s various hangouts) I’m familiar with this topic which makes it a little less formidable … but only a little.

10. Complete and submit Lesson 16

Likely the scariest of all lessons.  I have to write a biography of an ancestor, complete with a written analysis and thoughts on further research.

Right now, with the problems I’m having with the instructions/grading and with the length of time it takes to get my results back, I’m honestly contemplating whether I want to continue with the graded course.  I paid to take this course (in addition to my annual membership fees), so you would think that it wouldn’t take over a month to get a grade, and then even longer if you have to appeal that grade.  I’m becoming more and more disenchanted with this course the longer I’m in it.  As it stands right now, I will wait to see (1) how long it takes to get rulings on my two appeals and (2) the rulings themselves.  If either of those are beyond my tolerance level, I will probably continue the lessons and just not submit my assignments for grading any longer.  I’m waiting until I receive my grades for Lessons 9 and 11 before I begin Lesson 12.  I have one more year to complete the last 5 lessons if I want them graded.

I can’t express how disappointing this is for me.  This was part of my “Master Plan” to become a Certified Genealogist … but now I’m questioning whether it was money well-spent.

In the meantime, I have just joined ProGen 24, which starts November 1.

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Sunday’s Obituary: Frank Stiker

Indianapolis Star
unknown date, page and column unknown

Frank Stiker obituary 1974FRANK STIKER, 77, of 511 Richardt, died at 6:30 a.m. today at St. Mary’s Hospital.

Mr. Stiker retired in 1961 from Igleheart Operations General Food Corp.

Surviving are brothers, Justin of Indianapolis and Eugene of Grayville, Ill.; a sister, Mrs. Lillian Hanes of Dahlgren, Ill.

Friends may call after 2 p.m. tomorrow at Browning Funeral Home, where services will be at 8:30 a.m Wednesday continued at 9 a.m. at St. Theresa Catholic Church with burial in St. Joseph Cemetery.



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Surname Saturday: Huber


Surname Origins

According to the Internet Surname Database, the Huber surname has never been researched.  However, Wikipedia indicates that it is of German origin and derives from the word hube, which means ‘hide’ – a unit of measure for farming land.  It also says that it’s in the top 10 surnames in German-speaking countries (particularly Austria and Switzerland).  Some variants include: Hueber, Huemer, Humer, Haumer, Huebmer and (anglicized) Hoover.

Surname in My Tree

My closest Huber ancestor is my great grandmother Christina Ann Huber (1895-1982).  I have been able to trace back to her father, Joseph E. Huber (1867-1930), and his father Peter Huber (1837-1905), and finally to his father – my 4th great grandfather, Michael Huber.  At this point, I know little more about him than his name.

Huber Resinger marriage certificateMigration

My immigrant Huber is Peter Huber, whom I believe immigrated to the United States sometime before 1865.  I am still working on confirmation of this, but his history is a little sketchy because I have a marriage certificate for Peter and Theresa Huber from 1865 Wisconsin … but have children born to Peter as far back as 1862 in Germany (according to the 1880 census).  His obituary makes no mention of a prior marriage – but then it also makes no mention of his oldest child having been born in Germany, either.

Future Research

I need to find either (1) a previous wife; or (2) an earlier marriage before the couple came to the U.S.  The last child born in Germany died at only 5 months of age, so that could have been the impetus for them to come to the States.  I need to find his immigration records so I can determine where in Germany they were from … then I can (hopefully) figure out if they were already married or if he was married before.


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#FF Follow Friday: Hoosier Daddy?

Hoosier Daddy

For me, genealogy is all about the stories.  I am convinced that no one … and I mean NO ONE … tells a better story than Michael Lacopo in his blog “Hoosier Daddy?”  (He’s also a riveting speaker, so if you ever get the chance to hear him speak, take it!)


Michael Lacopo

For the last several months, his blog posts have recounted his 30-year journey to determine and locate his mother’s biological parents and tell the story behind his mother’s adoption.  Be forewarned!  Michael’s writing will suck you in and make you believe that you are part of his family, and each post will leave you clamoring for more (which is why you see so many comments along the way begging for the next installment!).

Don’t believe me?  Read the first three posts and see if you don’t keep clicking — just like Pavlov’s dog.


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